A Nine Month Healing Journey: Individual Support from Beltane to Imbolc

The deepest journeys of transformation happen when I have the opportunity to work with a person (and the plants and fungi and ancestors who want to support them) over several seasons.     So I am opening up nine spaces in my practice for people who would like to work with me over distance monthly for the nine months from Beltane to Imbolc (May to February.)

Each month, we will meet by phone, Skype, or Zoom and engage in:

— Heart-centered dialogue about questions and challenges you are facing in your life right now.

— An examination of the influences on your situation.

— The crafting of a custom herbal formula and simple rituals and spells to integrate into your daily life to help address the issues at hand.

The sessions will last 60-90 minutes.

Normally I ask people to pay $75 – $120 for a session, but for those committing to nine months of work together and willing to pay in either a single installment or two installments (one in April and one in July) I will be charging $600, which roughly translates to $66/ session.

The cost does not include your herbal formula.   I can either give you the proportions and have you fill it yourself or have it filled by Five Flavors Herbs who will bill you directly and ship the formula to you.

When possible, I will try to book our sessions for roughly the same time each month, however in June all sessions will be after I return from Ireland on the 26.   Sessions will generally be on Tuesdays  or Thursdays between 10 am and 4 pm Pacific.

To register, e-mail greenwisdomschool@gmail.com  with the following information:

Your name

Your mailing address

Your phone number

Your first and second choices for appointment dates in May

Whether you will be paying in full or in two installments

I look forward to accompanying you on your healing journey!

Come to Ireland — June 2018

This June, join Sean Donahue and Murphy Robinson for a community pilgrimage to Ireland dedicated to investigating and embodying wild sovereignty!

​In old Irish tradition, sovereignty arose from being wedded to the land, and healing and wisdom flowed from wells fed by wild springs with their source in the Otherworld.   With the land and the water and the Oak and the Deer as our primary teachers, we will explore themes of sovereignty, community, reciprocity, and the sacred hunt through ritual, somatic meditations, storytelling, poetry, intuitive archery, and walks through a rare remnant of the Oak forest that once covered much of Ireland.

Where will we be?  And what will we do?

This pilgrimage will take place at Crann Og Ecofarm in Galway, Ireland.  Crann Og gives us a home for the week on 14 acres of hand-tended natural gardens, trees, and sculpted living willow fedges, arches, and domes.  Our hosts will cook us three delicious local-food meals each day, and can accomodate many common dietary restrictions.  From this home base we will explore the oak and hazel forests of Galway.

We have designed this trip for 10 to 18 participants, and we will spend our days connecting to the landscape, listening to Sean tell stories from Irish folklore, practicing a meditative form of Instinctive Archery with Murphy, and exploring what the land and stories have to teach us about sovereignty and right action in today’s world.  There will also be unstructured time for your personal spiritual practice and time with the land.

Dates, Pricing, and Travel

Dates: June 3-9, 2018
What’s Included:

  • Transportation from Shannon Airport to our program site at Crann Og Ecofarm
  • All meals during the week (vegetarian, ovo-lacto, vegan, dairy/gluten free and reasonable range of food allergies catered for)
  • Accomodation in a Yurt, Cabin, or Canvas Bell Tent (including bed linen, heating, and eco-friendly toiletries)
  • Lessons, Stories, and Adventures with Murphy and Sean during your stay
  • Transportation back to Shannon Airport at the end of our program

What’s Not Included:

  • Airfare and other travel costs to arrive at Shannon Airport.

​Travel:  Please meet us at Shannon International Airport in Ireland for group transportation to our program site.

 Price: $1,750.00

To register, go to  http://www.mountainsongexpeditions.com/ireland.html

Materia Magica: Online, Now – October

Throughout history, humans have worked with plants to heal their bodies, shift their consciousness, and transforms their lives and their worlds.

Join herbalist, poet, and witch, Sean Donahue for a six month investigation of some of his favorite allies from the botanical and fungal realms.
On the seventh and thirteenth of each month, participants will receive a 90-minute to 2 hour video, written notes, and a resource list to guide them in understanding the medicine and magic of a plant or mushroom.
May–Hawthorn and Bear Medicines
June — Artemesias and St. Johns Wort
July —  Cedar and Rose
August — Elecampane and Black Cohosh
September — Reishi and Mullein
October — Devil’s Club and Psilocybe
Register by April 13 and pay just $200!
Register by April 30 and pay just $250
After April 30 the price goes up to $300.
To register, send payment via Paypal to seandonahuepoet@gmail.com and include a note with the e-mail address to which we can send a confirmation and the lessons.

New Online Class: Blessing the Body of the World

Blessing the Body of the World

with Sean Donahue

Online, July 4 – August 8

“Go to the mountains and the forest; go naked in the Summer that you may regain the old joy. Love gladly and freely under the stars. But you say your body is not beautiful? Here is a secret: the body is molded by the mind. If you have embraced fear, repression, hate — then you may find your body repulsive. But go free, love joyously and without restraint. Run naked then watch the cheeks flush, the breasts well and the supple contours develop from the flowing rhythms of life.”

  • Jack Parsons

The ways we relate to our bodies and the ways we relate to the earth are deeply intertwined. When we are deeply present in our bodies and our senses, we are present to the living world around us.

Join me for an exploration of the magic, politics, and biology of embodied connection with the earth. Each week you receive a recorded lecture/lesson and a set of questions and practices to work with. You will also be invited to a private facebook group where you can discuss your experiences with other participants – though this is strictly optional.

Week 1 – Cosmology: Situating Our Bodies in the Universe

Week 2 – Coming to Our Senses

Week 3 – “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals”

Week 4 – Eros and Revolution

It is my intention to make this class body-positive and welcoming and affirming to people of all genders and sexualities.

To register send $150 via Paypal to seandonahuepoet@gmail.com

photo by Ebony Galuzzo

Faerie Tales Online: Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin — Sale extended!

Beltane approaches and the veil between worlds shimmers and grows thin . . .

Join herbalist, poet, and witch, Sean Donahue, in an exploration of two Scottish balads about encounters between humans and the faerie realm – available streaming live online or as recordings. (And watch for an upcoming announcement of a video on plants and the Faerie realm from Sean and world-renowned herbalist Matthew Wood.)

THOMAS THE RHYMER – April 19, 7-9 pm PDT

“And see not ye that bonny road,/ Which winds about the fernie brae?/ That is the road to fair Elfland, /Whereyou and I this night maun gae.”

A shimmering woman on a white horse bedecked with silver appears to a poet who fell asleep beneath a Hawthorn, and she shows him three roads: the road of righteousness, “thick beset with thorns and briars” . . . he broad, broad road of wickedness, “though some calls it the road to heaven” . . .and the wild road to Elfland.

Join poet, Sean for an exploration of the ballad of Thomas the Rhymer, the nature of these three roads, and the meaning of the terrible gift the Queen of Elfland gives him for his service to her.

TAM LIN – April 26, 7-9 pm PDT

How dare you pull the rose, the rose?/ How dare you break the tree? / How dare you come to Cartenaugh/ without the leave of me?”

A woman who wanders into a forbidden place, stealing roses . . a faerie knight sworn to defend the realm . . .and the child they conceived . . . 

Join Sean for an exploration of the deeper dimensions of this Scottish ballad, and what it reveals about the nature and law and ethos of the faerie realm.

$35 for each class or $60 for both

Register for both before April 8 and pay just $50!

To register, send payment via Paypal to seandonahuepoet@gmail.com and include a note with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Which class you are registering for if you are choosing just one
  • Whether Sean may add you to his e-mail list

You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

Live-streaming will be via Zoom. You will receive an e-mail with instructions for using Zoom and the meeting ID the Monday before the class you signed up for.

12-48 hours after the class you will receive a link to download the video (in MP4 format) from Dropbox.

Watch in the coming week for two more online offerings:

Plants and the Faerie Realm with Sean Donahue and Matthew Wood

Materia Magica – a series of videos on the medicine and magic of Sean’s favourite plants.

as well as announcements of classes in Nevada City, CA in May and Crested Butte, CO . .

and a special Beltane class in Portland with Jessica Ring!

Also available now from the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine: recordings of Sean’s classes on “Phytochemistry and Consciousness” and “Somatic Herbalism.”

Thomas Easley said:

Sean Donahue is one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to listen to. His  recent classes were absolutely amazing! If you like your mind being blown, repeatedly, these might be the courses for you!”

Both classes are available for a $50 discount for a short time longer!

To buy them, go to:


Portland School of Herbal Wisdom

Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue are proud to announce a unique program for herbalists wanting to deepen their practice and advanced herb students wanting to make the transition to becoming practitioners.
Students will gain a deep grounding in the philosophy and practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, hone their clinical skills, and learn to integrate magical tools and perspectives in their practice.
Due to the nature of the training this program only has 30 spots available to students. Please apply early to make sure you reserve your spot.

Spring Travels

We’re down to three feet of snow left on the ground in Trout Lake, so spring must be on its way!   As the Skunk Cabbage and the bears are stirring, I am too, with a busy teaching schedule ahead.

This month, I travel to North Carolina to teach two classes for the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine.  March 13-14 I teach about plant chemistry and human consciousness in Phytochemistry and Consciousness.  March 15-16 I teach about using small doses of plant medicines to shift a person’s sense of embodiment in the world in Somatic Herbalism.  Both classes can be livestreamed from anywhere and will be available as recordings.  Save $50 if you register for both!

April 1-2 Matthew Wood and I will be teaching about plants and the faerie realm in Nevada City, CA.   Watch for details on another class in Nevada City in late May.

April 22-23, I will be teaching on “Sovereignty and the Land” at the Northwest Magic Conference in Portland.

May 13-14, I return to Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC to teach “Neurodiversity: What Pracitioners Need to Know” — a primer for health care providers of all kinds on supporting neurodivergent clients and patients.

Details still to come on a workshop in Colorado in June on the way to teach at the Good Medicine Confluence, east coast adventures, and possibly a trip across the Atlantic this summer or fall.

Kindling the Heart Fire — Bellingham, WA, 2/11-12

In cultures around the world, the heart has long been viewed as the seat of consciousness and the source of true expression. What happens when the heart’s fire dies down? How do we rekindle its flame?

In this workshop, we will explore how herbs and simple ritual techniques can ignite, nourish, and support the heart. We will spend time with Damiana, Wormwood, Devil’s Club, Calamus, and more. Come learn how to bring back the blazing glory of the fire of the heart when cold winds have all but extinguished it.

Dates & Times
Saturday & Sunday February 11 & 12, 2017
10-5 each day

$150 for the whole weekend

To register go to http://www.wildrootbotanicals.com/

October 22 in Marblehead, MA


Sean Donahue
Saturday, October 22nd 2016
10 Central St Marblehead, MA in the garden weather permitting

Samhain and Beltane are twin gates in the Celtic calendar — times when the veil between worlds as at its thinest.   Times outside of ordinary time, when great transformation can occur.   A gate of death and a gate of ecstasy, both of which dissolve thesean-donahue-pic

In our own lives, releasing stories and identities and experiences can feel like a kind of death — and it can also bring profound liberation and open the way to the ecstatic movement of something wild within us.

In this workshop and ritual we will explore how herbs and magic can help guide and support us as we move through these gates.

Somatic Herbalist and Feri Priest, Sean Donahue will be our guide for this journey into dark places that hold the power to help us emerge into the fullness of who we are.

Please email office@earthsongherbals.com for registration details.