Autumn 2018 Offerings

Samhain approaches and the songs and whispers of the Otherworld fill the long, dark nights.

In” Rewilding Witchcraft”, Peter Grey writes that “We must learn to give the death rites in a culture that pretends that death can be cheated [ . . .]”   This is a season of giving death rites not only within, but to that culture, and of preparing the soil for a springtime that seems far away.   In that spirit, I bring forth these seasonal offerings:

Ancestral Connection

The memories of our ancestors live on in our bodies — both the pain we have inherited and the resilience of those who survived it.   And if you reach far enough back in your lineage, there are ancestors who knew what it was to experience the world as alive and feel in every moment the intimate connection between their bodies and the body of the Earth.   We need those ancient memories now.

Drawing from the work of Stephen Buhner on heart-centered awareness, I have developed a method of guiding people through the echoes of matrilineal heartbeats to connect with their pre-colonial, pre-capitalist ancestors.  In conversation with those ancestors, we then find practices and sometimes plant allies that can aid in guiding us into embodying something closer to their way of being in the world.

I will be offering ancestral connection sessions for $93 a session in October, November, December, and January.  To book a session e-mail   Please include your phone number and mailing address in the e-mail.   As with all of my offerings, if you are in deep need of this support but unable to afford the full price, please write to me explaining your circumstances and your need, and we will find a way to work together that honors both our needs.

Navigating the Darkness:  A Three Month Healing Jouney from Samhain To Imbolc

The time between Samhain and Imbolc, the darkest months of the year, is a time for reflection and quiet, connecting with our deepest selves and with the voices of the ancestors, the gods, and the land.

Are you needing help rooting into the land?    Are you wanting support in navigating the waters of your inner ocean?   Do you seek guidance in shaping a personal practice of reflection and contemplation for the dark months?   Are you seeking plant allies to bring warmth and light to balance the cold and the dark?

I have space to offer six more people the opportunity to take part in a three month healing journey.  In the months of November, December, and January, you will have monthly sessions with me in which we will find the herbs, rituals, and somatic practices that can best support you during the dark of the year and will also receive e-mails each week with poetry, prayers, reflections, quotations, and resources to support your journey.

To reserve one of these slots, please e-mail and include your phone number, mailing address, and a brief description of the issues you seek support around.  The cost of this program is $250.

If you would just like to receive the weekly e-mails between Samhain and Imbolc, you can subscribe to them for $33.   E-mal to subscribe.

I will also be beginning another round of my nine month healing journey program starting at Imbolc.   Watch in late November for early registration discounts!

Tales for Long, Dark Nights

The dark months of the year have long also been a time for sharing the lore that keeps traditions alive.

I am offering a special discount on the audio  and video recordings of two series of online classes I gave last year:   Materia Magica — a series of twelve lectures on the medicine and magic of some of my most beloved plant allies — and Faerie Tales — a series of three talks on the Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer, The Ballad of Tam Lin, and the tale of the Faerie midwife.   The entire set of recordings will be available between now and Samhain for $250.   Send payment via Paypal to to receive links that will give you unlimited access to these classes.

Heart Medicine for Hard Times — October 21 and 22 in Marblehead, MA

I will be offering a rare East Coast class hosted by my beloved friend and mentor, Margi Flint, October 21-22 in Marblehead, MA.

We are living in a time of tremendous grief, fear, and uncertainty. Our individual worries and struggles flow together with the collective pain of a culture and a planet in peril. How can we reconnect with the love that is the source of our tears and our laughter? Join me for a weekend of exploring herbs and simple somatic and magical practices that can help us ground and orient amidst the chaos and recover the vital, embodied presence that allows us to bring forward our gifts and take part in the healing of our world.    Cost for the weekend is $200.   To register go to

I am also potentially available for teaching opportunities in New England the week of October 22-28, please contact me if you would like to try to organize a class.

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