Materia Magica: Online, 2017

Throughout history, humans have worked with plants to heal their bodies, shift their consciousness, and transforms their lives and their worlds.

Join herbalist, poet, and witch, Sean Donahue for a six month investigation of some of his favorite allies from the botanical and fungal realms.
On the seventh and thirteenth of each month, participants will receive a 90-minute to 2 hour video, written notes, and a resource list to guide them in understanding the medicine and magic of a plant or mushroom.
May–Hawthorn and Bear Medicines
June — Artemesias and St. Johns Wort
July —  Cedar and Rose
August — Elecampane and Black Cohosh
September — Reishi and Oak
October — Devil’s Club and Psilocybe
Register by April 13 and pay just $200!
Register by April 30 and pay just $250
After April 30 the price goes up to $300.
To register, send payment via Paypal to and include a note with the e-mail address to which we can send a confirmation and the lessons.

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