Online Classes

practicing magical herbalism 
online February – October 2018 
with Sean Donahue Plants
although this class is already underway, new participants are still welcome to join!
Plants are powerful allies in personal, community, cultural, and ecological healing and transformation. Join herbalist, poet, and witch Sean Donahue for an exploration of an approach to magical herbalism rooted in connecting with plants as living, conscious, sovereign beings. Twice a month, participants will receive audio lectures and notes on themes including: grounding and protection, plant magic and the three-fold self, plants and the wheel of the year, eros and plant magic, ancestral healing, forest magic and forest ecology, honoring plants and the land, and more!
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Phytochemistry and Consciousness

Our minds did not develop in isolation. The complex nexus of signalling, perception, and communication that we call our nervous and endocrine systems evolved in the context of chemical conversations with plants and fungi.
From simple aromatic compounds that change our perception when we breathe them in to complex alkaloids that interact directly with our neurotransmitters, we will investigate the phytochemicals and mycochemicals that have the capacity to shift or mental and emotional states. We will discuss the biological, psychological, ecological, cultural, and historical dimensions of human relationships with these molecules and the plants and fungi that contain them, and explore the ways this knowledge can inform clinical herbal practice.
Somatic Herbalism
The late Dr. Oliver Sacks said that the two most important diagnostic questions were “Who are you?” and “How do you be?”
Somatic herbalism combines insights from psychology, neurobiology, and traditional western herbalism to help subtly shift the felt sense a person has of being embodied in this world in this moment. Learn how to help people find greater vitality and experience deeper presence by working with minute doses of herbal medicines and the body’s own capacity to heal.