Distance Consultations

As an herbalist, I don’t diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions.    I work from an entirely different framework:  I work to support your capacity to be deeply embodied in the fullness of who you are, trusting your body’s own capacity to heal, even if a cure for your condition is impossible.   Healing is not about being free from disease and injury, its about recovering the capacity to be in the world, fully engaged, woven in deep  and reciprocal connection with human and other-than-human communities.  Sometimes cure is a side effect of healing but it is not the focus.

I believe that all your physiological functions and all your behaviors represent your body’s best efforts to respond to the situations it has been required to live through using the information and resources you had available.    I want to help change the information you have about what is possible, and provide the resources you need to heal.

Given that, I am not interested in categories of medical and psychological diagnosis, except in that they represent a kind of shorthand for what a clinician observed happening for you in a particular situation.   As the late Dr. Oliver Sacks said, the most important clinical questions are “How are you?  How do you be?”  I want to understand as best I can what it is like to be you, living in your body in the world in this moment.   Then, together, we will identify what you would like to shift in your body, your life, and your world, and find herbs, talismans, and ritual practices that can help you embody those shifts.

When we connect over the phone, Skype, or Zoom,  a typical session will involve:

— Heart-centered dialogue about questions and challenges you are facing in your life right now.

— An examination of the positive and negative influences on your situation.

— The crafting of a custom herbal formula and simple rituals and spells to integrate into your daily life to help address the issues at hand.

Typically, I ask that people offer $90- $125 for a session.   How much should you offer?

Can you afford to go out to dinner or see a movie frequently?   Then I ask that you please pay $110 – $125.

Can you afford to treat yourself to a nice meal out once or twice a month?  Then I ask that you please pay $100 – $115

Are you able to meet your basic needs steadily but don’t have much money for extras?  Then I ask that you please pay $90 – 100

Are you  really struggling to make ends meet?  Then talk with me and we will see what we can work out.  I am not able to take on as many pro bono clients over distance as I can in person, but if you are in need of help that isn’t otherwise available to you and you cannot pay my usual rate, we will find a way to negotiate a fair and affordable exchange.

To book a consultation, e-mail greenwisdomschool@gmail.com

Five Flavors Herbs can fill and ship your custom formula if you so desire.   The cost of the herbs is not included in the cost of the consultation.