Distance Consultations

I am also available to offer guidance, perspective, and support for you by phone or Skype.    A typical session will involve:

— Heart-centered dialogue about questions and challenges you are facing in your life right now.

— An examination of the positive and negative influences on your situation.

— The crafting of a custom herbal formula and simple rituals and spells to integrate into your daily life to help address the issues at hand.

Typically, I ask that people offer $75- $120 for an initial session that will usually last from 45 minutes – 2 hours depending on the flow of our work.    How much should you offer?

Can you afford to go out to dinner or see a movie frequently?   Then I ask that you please pay $110 – $125.

Can you afford to treat yourself to a nice meal out once or twice a month?  Then I ask that you please pay $90 – $110

Are you able to meet your basic needs steadily but don’t have much money for extras?  Then I ask that you please pay $75-90

Are you  really struggling to make ends meet?  Then talk with me and we will see what we can work out.  I am not able to take on as many pro bono clients over distance as I can in person, but if you are in need of help that isn’t otherwise available to you and you cannot pay my usual rate, we will find a way to negotiate a fair and affordable exchange.

To book a consultation, e-mail greenwisdomschool@gmail.com

Five Flavors Herbs can fill and ship your custom formula if you so desire.   The cost of the herbs is not included in the cost of the consultation.