Spring Travels

We’re down to three feet of snow left on the ground in Trout Lake, so spring must be on its way!   As the Skunk Cabbage and the bears are stirring, I am too, with a busy teaching schedule ahead.

This month, I travel to North Carolina to teach two classes for the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine.  March 13-14 I teach about plant chemistry and human consciousness in Phytochemistry and Consciousness.  March 15-16 I teach about using small doses of plant medicines to shift a person’s sense of embodiment in the world in Somatic Herbalism.  Both classes can be livestreamed from anywhere and will be available as recordings.  Save $50 if you register for both!

April 1-2 Matthew Wood and I will be teaching about plants and the faerie realm in Nevada City, CA.   Watch for details on another class in Nevada City in late May.

April 22-23, I will be teaching on “Sovereignty and the Land” at the Northwest Magic Conference in Portland.

May 13-14, I return to Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC to teach “Neurodiversity: What Pracitioners Need to Know” — a primer for health care providers of all kinds on supporting neurodivergent clients and patients.

Details still to come on a workshop in Colorado in June on the way to teach at the Good Medicine Confluence, east coast adventures, and possibly a trip across the Atlantic this summer or fall.

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