Please Donate to Support My Ancestral Pilgrimage

Ireland has called to me since I was eight years old and discovered, in the poetry of William Butler Yeats, a world that felt hauntingly familiar.

In recent years, as I have been deepening my work with my ancestors and their gods, and working with both beautiful and traumatic genetic memories, that call has become steadily more insistent.   Finally, this September, I will have the opportunity to stand on the land where my ancestors walked — an experience that I know will open new dimensions of magic, healing, poetry, and insight for me.

Will you help me make this vision a reality?

As a “thank you” for your donations, I am offering individual lessons from  ,u Materia Magica course which is underway now — it is a series of love letters to my favourite herbal allies, exploring the mythic, magical, and energetic dimensions of their medicines.

Available now:


Bear Medicines  (read a section from the class notes here)


St. John’s Wort

For a $35 donation, choose  any one class — which includes video and audio versions of my lecture, written notes, and a resource list.

For a $60 donation, choose for any two classes

For a $150 donation, receive all four classes, and the Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin lectures I recorded earlier this spring.

Donations may be sent via PayPal to .

Please indicate which class or classes you would like to receive as a “thank you” gift.

This pilgrimage is an essential part of my connecting with my ancestry and bringing forward more of the gifts I have to bring to this world, and I am grateful for whatever support you can offer.

 photo from Wikimedia Commons